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Data and Art

My background in art, design and architecture allowed me to explore artistic ways to present information to the world. But I always felt like my art represents only my opinion while I felt like I wanted to voice opinion of others. One day, during my 2rd year in Art & Design School at University of Michigan, I snuck into a Data Visualization class for grad students in School of Information...that day changed everything. I decided to learn programming and statistics so I can create beautiful data-driven 'art' that isn't really an art but visualization of information that surrounded us for ages.


Now, I no longer consider myself a designer, I think I an Information Architect.

Data Exploration of Virus and Climate Correlatioin


The goal of this data exploration was to examine the effects weather might have on disease infection level in peonies. I conducted an independently study with a professor in Belarus (Europe) who was not tech-savvy but wanted to utilize meteorological  data for particular regions on specific dates.

I wrote a complete program that is able to fetch weather data from an API and compare it with data scraped from excel files using Pandas library. 


Result is an interactive tool to explore correlation through charts and numbers.

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