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Throughout my childhood I went on unusual "journeys", usually, because of my curiosity. I have sold goods, bought plastic bags, used favors as a currency and even created tools to make people's lives more enjoyable. But it was not until recently, I realized that I cared the most about human happiness and life satisfaction. So when i arrived in USA in 2012, I started innovating to help people on a larger scale as the resources were endless here.

I am listing a couple of my ventures here that were meant to help people enjoy life and be the best version of themselves.

wOw Movement

This company I started because I genuinely think that adults are still children who forgot how to play and have fun. So my wOw Movement is a way for serious office workers to take a break and play like the did when they were 4, 10 or 14. 

Happy Jar is a fast food that is phenomenally healthy. 

In just 5 minutes anyone can have a healthy superfood-rich breakfast. Happy Jar allows its customers to play a game with their nutrition path, unlocking new flavors and rewards by completing fun challenges with friends.

Happy Jar

Over the years of living in the US, I was chocking on the amount of sugar in the food all around me! One day I decided to show the true face of the company selling sugar in the bottle. I decided to start a viral guerilla campaign to spread awareness about sugar consumption in United States. Kinda like Banksy and his political messages, I was adding very subtle corrections to the famous marketing campaigns of companies selling unhealthy food products.

Sweet Disruption

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