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   and fuel workplace productivity!  

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wOw Movement provides workshops as short as 30 minutes that are fun, energizing and right at your office!


Utilizing play as a means for facilitating team building, we can provide a low-stakes space perfect for individual growth and group performance. Lots of studies show how just small bursts of purposeful play can go a long way towards feeding creativity and increasing engagement, productivity, and overall well-being!



The value of play is increasingly recognized by researchers and within the policy arena, for adults as well as children, as the evidence mounts of its relationship with intellectual achievement and emotional well-being.

21st century, data research driven

team building that shows results!

Say  YES to  Innovations and Creativity!










(wellness office workshops) ​

Work doesn't have to be boring! Work should be fun, right?

We are a local startup based out of Ann Arbor - a passionate team of superheroes who use play as an ultimate superpower!


wOw movement's approach is to unlock the potential of any workplace, improve health, increase productivity and finally make everyone happy. All achieved through play!

wOw movement


Your one stop to a healthier company
it is depression."

Who are we?

Meet our creative team of play-superheroes!

Sue Booth, Superhero team building coach

Sue believes that play is part of living life! She lives her life filled with fun challenges and creative movement all around. Sue teaches Acro Yoga to anyone, anywhere! Be it on water, on land, on an airplane or at a bar :)

Vanya (Ivan) Prokopovich, Superhero team building coach

Vanya doesn't think there are any obstacles in life impossible to overcome! He believes that the power of play and one's determination can flip the world and change it for the better! Join him in the creative revolution and never stop playing!

Chef Jeff, Jeff Schwartz, Superhero team building coach

Jeff is known as Chef Jeff because he's always cooking up something! A master planner, Jeff will create the best experience for your office and leave you full of enthusiasm for your workplace.

Jesse Danger, Superhero team building coach

Jesse, the wise wOw Superhero who is able to defy laws of gravity, so if you are having a heavy day Jesse can flip that upside down!

"The opposite of play is not work —


 Brian Sutton-Smith


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