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Sublet and Forget

Students leave campuses during the summer and the apartments they leave behind a lot of the times are empty or being sublet for less than half the price of original rent. But there are so many tourists coming to Boston, Austin, Ann Arbor and many other campuses. They all need a place to stay and $200 per night might be too expensive for some.


I have used airbnb for a couple years now and am very happy with the fact that sharing economy is prospering. People are sharing cars, kitchens and even homes. This promotes a more economically and environmentally friendly way of living for the planet and this is a key to survival in the world where sustainability is a growing concern! 

Combining Airbnb and College

So what if we created a win-win situation for students who leave town and tourists who need a place to stay, all while creating more jobs in town?


How, you'd ask...let me rephrase it.

Introducing: a system that can host students' houses on airbnb capable of earning full rent back for the students, letting tourists stay on campus for half the price, all while creating hundreds of hours of work for co-hosts and experience designers (used to be called cleaners).

I already hosted a couple of my own apartments on airbnb and even earned a superhost rank. 

Product Development

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Combining Airbnb and College

Interactive Demo

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