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Life is too short to build tools people can't use!

My goal as an information designer is to create data-relient tools that streamline complicated tasks and guard people from information overload in the information 'epidemy' that 21st century was brought upon us.


Health Points

I created a web application that lets user lookup foods and get an instant insight on how food might impact one's health. In order to simplify the rankings of the foods, I developed a measure that I called  health points. This index takes into account Macro and Micro nutrients of given food product while taking calories out of equation.


Health Points can be used to evaluate how healthy a food is relative to other foods. I used water as a baseline to be 0. Foods above 0 are likely good for human body, foods above 200 could be likely called superfood, and foods below 0 are unhealthy.

App is build using Flask with PostgreSQL as a db.


Mobile app aimed to help people let the steam out, complain about what bothers them and use the data to empower entrepreneurship and innovation in new ways!


Mobile app to help streamline the subletting experience for college students during vacation and study abroad.

Allows students to earn more money than their current rent!

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