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while !success: try()

The reason I got into coding in the first place is to simplify my life, the life of my friends and family. I saw my mom spend too much time on repetitive tasks when she could have been working on her new paper, and I decided to write a little script to cut down her workflow to one click of a mouse. I now know for sure, I am learning how to code so I can make tools that can help people! Coding is a superpower and a great responsibility!

Nutrition Analyzer

I decided to develop a program enabling user to look up any foods and get an in depth insights on how healthy foods are.I developed a normalized "Health Index" for foods that takes into account Macro and Micro nutrients of given food product. Index is a number that can be used to evaluate how healthy a food is and compare it with other foods.

Python, SQLite

UPDATE: I turned this into a web application

Game of Life

A project that I worked on in my EECS183 class.

Simulation of a famous game in JavaScript.

Click on the image to play the game.

JavaScript, CSS, HTML


Another project from EECS183 class.

Snake is an old game that was created in 1976 and since, because of the gameplay simplicity, became a go to exercise to create in various programming languages 

Click on the image to play the game.

JavaScript, CSS, HTML

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